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A Quattro Like No Other

Here finally comes a car that pleases both the speed, efficiency, and fashion lover. For quite some time now, Audi has been producing a lot of speedy cars, efficient cars, and fashionable cars but not something quite like the perfect mix of all. Thankfully, the Audi TT RS has arrived.

The Audi TT RS is inspired by the legendary Quattro of the Eighties and its all-wheel drive. This all-new Quattro is fired up by 2.5 liter, turbocharged engine that produces 335bhp and delivers 332lb ft of torque into the lightweight steel body shell of the TT. This RS version of the TT demonstrates tall figures not only on power and torque, but more importantly for many car enthusiasts, speed. It has a top speed of 155mph that can shoot up to 174mph. Its four-wheel drive action can hit 62mph in a scorching 4.6 seconds—quicker than any of its rivals. In fact, the Audi TT RS is considered to be the fastest car in its class for speed and acceleration.

The Audi TT RS is much like the iconic fast Audi of the 80's, the Quattro, but improved to a very large extent. The brakes for instance, grow 370mm and 310mm at the front and back, respectively. The speed-sensitive steering has been recalibrated to be more precise and instantly responsive. The car rides lower by 10mm than standard, and an additional switchable magnetic ride is installed as an option (yet one you must run by your auto insurance provider. These tweaks give this new Quattro a remarkably good ride quality. The steering is smooth and accurate and the brakes are suitably sharp and hard.

Even with such power and speed that it holds, the Audi TT RS looks elegantly subtle. The exterior includes large front intakes, flared side sills, enlarged tailpipes and a choice of 18-, 19-, or 20-inch five twin-spoke wheels. RS badges appear on the calipers, the nose, and the boot. The fixed rear spoiler can be switched for a retractable type to keep a low profile. The interior on the other hand has an all-black finish, with brushed aluminum inlays, footrests and pedals. The sports seats covered with Nappa leather, the steering wheel, the rev counter, and the door sill rims are all adorned by RS logos.

The standard Driver's Information System has additional displays for boost and oil temperature, and also has a lap timer.

An additional highlight of the Audi TT RS is the resonant sound emitted by the exhaust system of the turbocharged engine. One of the car's features, the Sport button, not only sharpens the steering but also opens a flap in the exhaust tailpipe that intensifies the exhaust tone.

Naturally, the RS model has an Electronic Stabilization Program which makes it easier to control in handling situations close to the limit which in this case is 180mph if fully derestricted. The good thing is, it does not dull feedback to the driver and does not interfere with engine power output.

The Audi TT RS certainly has some genuinely impressive performance features, at the same time preserving the car's fundamental metro sexual appeal. Nothing short of speed, power, and beauty, the Audi TT RS is beyond doubt, a Quattro like no other.